I still refer to my “Kim Bevill” file on a regular basis. Your PD was one of the best ever! -Barb H

This was truly a mind blowing/ mind clearing/ mind energizing class and I am so excited to work on my mindfulness and using the 6 things to better my life physically, mentally, and physically.  Dawn M.  

I absolutely love taking Kim Bevill classes. Information is always research based and very practical. Kim is very easy to talk with, informative, and fun! -Stephanie F

I wanted to take the time to express my gratitude for all that your courses did for me. Your movement course helped shape our program and helped us help a lot of students. B Slade 

Thank you, Kim!

I love ALL of your classes and they (you) help me become a better human being. Shannon B

I heard great things about your classes through multiple people.

This was my first time attending one of your courses–I plan to come back! Sam A

“Kim-infusion” is good for body, mind, and spirit!

Rachel N

There is so much info college education courses didn’t cover!

I learned so, so much and enjoyed hearing your wonderful lectures. Martha H

You are great!

And your classes are fun and interesting!  Thanks again, Kim! RL

Kim, you are an incredible human!

Today was fabulous! Shari

So interesting how Willpower affects the brain,

also, I was excited to see you and be re-energized! JJ

I loved this class (Essentials)…

lots of good things to consider with lots of application to many areas of life. MC

..I heard your class was the best, most informative!

Mike S

This class came at a desperately needed moment in my life.

I needed credit, but it ended up being an awesome class!  Now I need to take more KB classes :).
Jason H

I have ideas to better myself and my quality of life (Willpower).

Thank you, Kim! It was a fun class.  Now I need to apply these new concepts to be a better me and live a healthier life and take more of your classes!
Ann F

So many ideas…

that are easily applicable to anyone’s life to reduce stress. Abbey L

Kim’s classes give me more knowledge…

to help my students, my family, and me live better, successful lives. JH

I came to class because it’s a retreat!

Thanks for making class fun! Karla V

Your classes are always amazing!


I’m am taking away way more than “3 things to try”…

So much useful information!(Synchronicity). Sandra R

I’ll continue doing Kim classes

because they are more a therapy, and a release, reset than a class. Shari G

I value how much I needed to hear these things

(Synchronicity). Christina J

I really enjoy your classes

and get credit! Maria P

I learned so much information…

about how important and amazing our brain functions! Emily H

I really love your classes! 🙂

Liz G

I’m a better counselor because of you…

Thank you, Kim! Your courses give so much more than just great information backed by research. You always help me keep things in perspective in all aspects of my career and life. I’m a better counselor because of you, and I’m healthier (physically and emotionally) because of you.

Amazing work.

I loved every second of the class. (Relationships). SS

Thank you for sharing your vast knowledge

in such an open, inspiring mannerCheryl H

I got my brain back…

I’m in Control now! (Synchronicity) Jen M

I got so much..

I feel like this class saved my life! Thank you! (Synchronicity) TF

I’m taking from class life applications and plans to help better shape my life! (Relationships)
Amy S

Better than Therapy! (Relationships)

Better than therapy, your class made it fun and meaningful.
Ana G

Thank you so much Kim

for always bringing a smile to my heart! Janelle H

This re-energizes me–new ideas that I can incorporate music and how powerful it can be! (Music)

I am taking with me a different perspective on music altogether. I have a new appreciation on how it can benefit me personally, my kids, and my students.  Susan D

I learned how to help students lower stress, and preventive mental health via Music! (Music)

Thank you for an energizing class!  Sam A

As always, a great day of learning!

I can’t wait to take your other courses.  Sue L

One of the most amazing, energetic speakers… 

One of the most amazing, energetic speakers I’ve ever listened to…amazing words…powerful messages!  Emily T

Thanks so much for the strategies… (Happiness)

Thanks so much for the strategies to think through feelings, become more balanced, train myself to be happier, and motivation to take control of my happiness.  Leslie P

A lot of info on happiness that I am capable of implementing in my life! (Happiness)

Kristina C

So much affirmation that the work I do with my SEL teacher is the right work! (Synchronicity)

Colin F

I wish I had taken this class 10 years ago! (Motivation)

I would have incorporated this learning into my work and life sooner. Now I have tools to better communicate with my colleagues, my students, and my family

A colleague recommended (Motivation)

I got a renewed focus, energy, and motivation to teach. I wish I had taken this class SO much sooner!
Erika R

Thank you for your passion and enthusiasm.

I truly appreciate it.
It is very refreshing to learn about something so important to my teaching as well as my own children.


Every time I hear you speak I change my life for the better

Caroline C

Fellow teachers recommended (Gender and the Brain)

I learned how to speak to my male coworkers, how to apply it to my marriage and male students, and how to ask for a raise

I love Kim B classes because they inspire me.

I am surprised how engaged I was

It’s hard for me to sit still, but you made class interesting and engaging
Kimberly A

(Essentials) answered my prayers on how to reduce stress

Barbara S

I take home real ideas to use in my classroom

I love your presentation style and the ideas you give us
Kyle R

I LOVE your classes…

…because they not only affect the way I teach but how I live my life 🙂 (Motivation class)
Cindy U

I wish that all parents knew this info (Gender) because it could really transform our world

Sue L

I got a brain full of AWESOME information!


I got great new research-based learning and understanding of gender and how motivation effects roles.

Now I plan to implement strategies in both my personal life (myself and spouse) and classroom.
Amanda H

I love Kim’s classes! They are packed with energy, enthusiasm, and positivity

Geoffrey S

I love your classes.

I got 10 plus things to help my teaching improve. (Motivation class)
Annette M

Thank you for being such a great engaging teacher


So many ideas of how to transform my class!


I am highly interested in ALL your classes as they are applicable both personally and professionally

I So appreciate you, your energy, your knowledge, and all you do.
Heather O

“I gained learning, therapy!, putting together pieces of old and new knowledge, group counseling, A blessing that I found this class!  Thank you!”

Jaime C

Thanks, Kim, you make 2 days back-to-back EASY!

Michelle L

“I enjoyed every minute of the class–loved your stories, enthusiasm, and videos.”

Brett W

“I got ideas, connections, understandings, inspiration, energy, and an amazing two days that ‘moved the needle’. “

Stacy W

“I love these classes.  Kim is the best!”

Joni F

“Thank you, Kim!  Because of this class (Happiness and Gratitude) I feel I can help my own anxiety as well as support my daughter and husband in a more positive way.”

LuAnne D

“Time goes by so quickly in your class!”

Kyle R

I will never forget the things I learned today!”

Cathy S

Thanks, Kim. You are always so wonderful, and really are a true gift to your students – as an educator, friend, and therapist.

 I love your courses, and how I feel after I take them. You consistently provide a dose of much-needed positivity and courage to get me through not only my career as a counselor, but also through the curveballs that life seems to throw in our paths from time to time.


“Thank you so much!  The info you provide is life-changing! :)”

Gloria J

“I love how your class (Memory and the Brain) is applicable to real life!”

Kelsey R

“I always come away excited about my new found knowledge!”

Monica O

“I am thrilled to say this it was the best class (Memory) I’ve ever taken!”

Melissa R

“I never get tired of listening to your research ad application to real life!”

Annette M

“Thank you again and again–so applicable for me personally and professionally.”

Suzanne S

“I love your energy, humor, and stories.  Thank you! Thank you! I feel energized!”

Amber L

“I took your Gender and the Brain course almost 10 years ago when I was a first grade teacher in Boulder Valley. 10 years (and three boys) later I am *still* using what I learned I your class!”

Alexa L

“I can’t thank you enough for an amazing class.  I got more then I came for: new ideas, research to support ideas, a better life!”

Jimmy C

“Great information on ways to make changes in my instruction and daily life to help improve (memory)!”

Traci D

“You have great presentation energy!”

Jeremie H

“Most intellectually gratifying material ever (Music and the Brain).  I got light years smarter!!”

Samantha H

“Amazing class (Synchronicity)!  I am excited to reach my dream!”

Paula F

“Loved every bit!  Already signed up for next class!”

Amy P

“From past classes I’ve taken, I knew this would be worth my time and good for my mental health”

Jennifer L

“So much great information, and I am leaving (Synchronicity class) with such hope and optimism for a better/healthier life!”

Kayla O

“Thank you Kim, for your amazing classes.  Can’t believe they go so fast!”

John B

“Thank you Kim, for helping us to be better teachers!”

Andrea S

“SO many ideas to use in my classroom starting tomorrow”

Charles J

“Will be back for more!  Can’t get enough! <3<3<3”

Kimberly A

“I value the knowledge, research, and actual strategies in implementing more effective relationships (Gender and the Brain)”

Beth P

“I needed this to help bring back a love for teaching and know the science behind it to support what I do in the classroom!”

Brant F

“Thank you for making me a better teacher/person for my students and family”

Chris H

“You are so amazing and have inspired me so much!  Thank you!”

Heather O

“Kim, you did it again!  Amazing, Powerful Class!”

Joseph B 

“I take things away with me that I don’t forget”

Stephanie K 

“LOVE your (Happiness and Gratitude) class…YOU changed my family”

Angie M

“Great hope and a wealth of information that will improve my health and my teaching!”

Emily K 

“You are fantastic Kim & I always walk away from your class feeling better than before”

Jessica A 

“You always change my life and make learning fun!”

Julie R 

“I got strategies, habits to create, so much to share with my family and class!”

Traci C  

“Kim is great!  She is so smart, energetic and a dynamic speaker!”

Erika M  

“A lot of great ideas and ‘WOW’ information!”

Susan D  

“So much research based info!  Thank you for backing up what you say!”

Kelsey R 

“Thank you for such a great life changing class!  This is my first online class and I really liked the information.”

Deanne B  

“This (relationship) class gave me a new sense of fulfillment and wellbeing”

Sarah D

“You have so much passion and evergy!  Loved your (Memory) class!”

Frank S

“I really feel this is EXACTLY where I was meant to be this weekend…thank you :)”

Heather G

“I got tons of ideas on how to help my students (& own children”

I wish I had the same energy as Kim! Such an awesome presenter and teacher!”

“I use your research so much more than you know every day in my room!”

I so appreciate you!  I use your research so much more than you know every day in my room!  I got 10+ so many ways to improve willpower.  
Molly P

“I had a blast…and have a new way to evaluate my life.

I had a blast.  Thank you so much.  I have a new way to evaluate y life.  I know I need to be better in lots of areas and now feel like I have a shot. 

“I got laughter, strategies, positive emotions, action plan, social bonding, hope 

Annette M

“A ‘booster shot’ of the things that are best for my students that I sometimes forget

Terri T

“(Willpower course) is a great weekend of learning, laughing, and growing  Amazing!

Carl V

“(Music class) changes things in significant, powerful, life-changing ways.”

“I got great, inspiring, game-changing ideas.”
Krista C

“PD can be fun and valuable!”

“This class is awesome, intriguing, and motivating.  Kim is a great presenter–love your spirit and presence.”

“Kim’s classes are a MUST!  So amazingly beneficial.”

“I got life lessons that have proven to be invaluable.  No money could be charged to gain what I learned!”
Kathleen G

“Love every minute of your classes”

“Love every minute of your lasses–I find myself using ideas from your classes all the time!”
Amy P

“PD can be fun and valuable!”

“This class is awesome, intriguing, and motivating.  Kim is a great presenter–love your spirit and presence.”

“It is life changing!”

“This class is life changing for you or someone in your life.  I think this class (Happiness & Gratitude) will make me a better person.”
Brenda H

“I got soooo much”

“I got soooo much.  I got material to chew on for weeks, months, and my life.  Ideas for my boyfriend and I, his child, my community and my classroom..  A dose of adrenaline just being in class talking about it.”
Darla M

“Wow, another amazing class!”

“Wow, another amazing class!  You are so influential and engaging!  Thank You!”
LeeAnn B

“Love your spirit and zest for teaching and life in general”

Jason H

“I got Inspiration, Tools, Research, Efficacious Methods…Another Awesome Class!”

Erin M 

“Your PD was one of the best ever”

“I still refer to my “Kim Bevill” file on a regular bases.  Your PD was one of the best ever.”
Barb H

“this class…made such a huge impact on me and my perspective.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed this class, and it has made such a huge impact on me and my perspective. I can’t wait to take another class!”
Angie M

“Your class this weekend…helped me “reset” my brain!”

“Thank you, Kim, for your class this last weekend.  It helped me “reset” my brain!”
JoAnne L

“I can’t tell you how lucky I feel to have met you!”

“I went on your website and watched tips on sleeping video..I hadn’t slept the past few nights.  I used one of your tips and slept all night!  Thanks again!”
Diana H

“I was delightfully surprised…”

“I was delightfully surprised and then excited as your classes are fantastic for helping bridge brain based research into a functioning classroom. I am new to online learning and really found it effective and motivating.”
Mary P

“…This was a great class.  So many of the things…related to me personally and professionally.”

“Kim, First, I need to tell you that this was a great class (Memory and the Brain). So many of the things you talked about memory related to me personally and professionally.  I have started applying ideas in my life and have plans to apply to my work as a speech/language pathologist in an elementary school in two weeks when I return to work.  Thanks!”
Marla W

“How taking a Gray Matters course changed my life and my classroom”

“After taking Kim’s Essentials for Learning class not only am I a more effective teacher, but I’ve lost 11 pounds, my migraines have stopped,, and I sleep better at night!  I look at myself and my students in a totally different light.  Because I have a deeper understanding of how our brains work, I’m now able to create positive change within them!  Although it’s brain science, Kim makes it simple.  Best class I’ve ever taken.”
Maria G

“…your ideas reinforce the brain science behind the design/build concept”

“I loved the class (Real World Projects and the Brain Online). Teaching  STEM and wood shop, your ideas reinforce the brain science behind the design/build concept I use. Thank you.”
Donald M

“Your students are so excited…they don’t even know they’re learning!”

“I immediately implemented Kim’s ideas:  My observation scores increased, grades drastically improved, and kids are excited to learn.  My best compliment came from my AP after an observation, “Your students are so excited and having fun that they don’t even know they’re learning!”
Carolyn M

“Kids…can’t wait to teach about it!”

Parents say their kids come home and can’t wait to teach about it!
Erin O

“I have been taking Kim’s classes for over a decade.”

Kim’s classes gave me such a wonderful set of ideas to change my existence!  Hopefully changing my whole family’s life for the better.

“Kim really inspired me to BE MYSELF while getting back to teaching this week & seriously, I can FEEL my effectiveness skyrocketing!”


“I was wowed by how much I learned in such a short time.”

“I really enjoyed Kim Bevill’s presentation–funny, informative, educational.”

“I was beyond inspired by Kim Bevill the Keynote Speaker.”

“Kim‘s Brain Class was AMAZING!!!”

“I found Kim Bevill’s passionate talk VERY helpful!  She is so engaging and she has the research to show that movement helps our kids and our colleagues.”

“I loved hearing Kim Bevill talking about building relationships and connections!  It was refreshing and energizing!”

“Kim was great and helped me refocus on what is truly important.”

“Kim Bevill’s talk on brain research and relationships was motivating and had awesome facts.  I learned a lot!”

“I found Kim Bevill incredibly dynamic.”

“(Kim’s) Gray Matters courses are energizing and would benefit anyone wanting to improve their lifestyle.”

“Kim is a passionate educator and consultant who has done extensive research in education. Her Gray Matters courses are energizing and would benefit anyone wanting to improve their lifestyle. Her classes target educators, but I recommend Kim’s classes for any field.”
Joan R

“You have to take it, it’s LIFE therapy.”

“I learned 33 different strategies to incorporate in my personal life and professional life.”

“(Essentials) has changed me personally…”

“Essentials has changed me personally and I can’t wait to change my classroom!”
Susan K

“Essentials for LIFE…”

I expected Essentials for teaching, but I got essentials for LIFE–at work, home, for family, friends, and students!
Ryan F

“I expected to get a “boost” in my teaching, I got a “bang”, a big explosion instead…”

Pat L

“I was refreshed.”

“Not a boring, traditional class…Boy was I surprised in a fabulous way.  I was refreshed from the ideas in this class. You Rock!  Thanks, Kim!”
Rebecca S

“This inspired me to get moving”

“I took the online class Fitness & the Brain. I found it very interesting & informative. After seeing results with children, this inspired me to get moving.”
Kathy B

“It’s about helping students”

“Coming to class is about helping students, Not analyzing data!”
Kara B

“Not only is this class useful for your classroom…”

“Not only is this class useful for your classroom, you can use this info in all aspects of your life!”
P Ladd

“It’s more than just classroom…it’s LIFE!”

Brooke G

“I fully recommend taking this (Gender) class…

…It’s enlightening personally and professionally!”

“You have changed my teaching and my personal life in SO many ways for the better!”

“You always give me amazing strategies to use with my class.  You have changed my teaching and my personal life in SO many ways for the better! “
Julie P

“I didn’t look at my cell phone all day!”

“You are energizing and so much fun…I didn’t look at my cell phone all day!”

“I wish I could carry you in my pocket!”

“I wish I could carry you in my pocket for a week to have you reinforce everything you taught us.”
Grace P

“Amazing…Take it (class) even if you are done with credits. “

“This is amazing!  You should take this class even if you are done with credits.  Love it! “

“Life changing stuff!”

“This is life changing stuff!  It truly brought me from a place of stress and anxiety and worry to happiness.  This was a wellness retreat!  I can hardly wait to implement these ideas into my classroom and family. “
Kristina D

“Take a class!  It’s so worth the time, and you feel so ‘good’ after.”

“I say, ‘Do it!  Take the class.’  It’s so worth the time, and you feel so ‘good’ after. “
Krystle H

“You have had a huge positive impact on my life and made me a better educator!”

“I love you Kim!!!! You have had a huge positive impact on my life and made me a better educator! I don’t have words for how grateful I am for your presence in my life! “
Yantze Z

“You have been gifted with a great teaching ability…” 

“You have been gifted with a great teaching ability and sharing it with the world is making it a better place!

“You took the subject over the top!” 

Your powerful presentation and so very personable instruction took the subject over the top….and DID meet and exceed my hope and prediction for a 50% improvement in memory by the end of the class!! You offer an extremely professional class, enhanced by energy and personality that make the topic truly come alive.  You are really one amazing woman, and I am so grateful that I found you!!!
Stephanie C R

“I can’t stop talking about it, much less thinking about it…!”

“Since leaving your class, I can’t stop talking about it, much less thinking about it.  I have spoken to colleagues and neighbors and even strangers about your class, oh, and most of all with my wife…”
Joseph D

“I didn’t look at my watch once!”

“This class was 2-days!  I didn’t look at my watch once!  I loved the movement breaks!!”

“I brag about you all the time”

“I was truly surprised that I wanted to hear every word you said…and it was online!  So I had to come to an onsite class–I get so motivated I brag about you all the time.”

“I am so grateful…to take Top 10”

“I am so grateful I was able to take the “Top 10” seminar live with you and the others … it was amazing.
John H

“…(you) gave me energy and excitement as to how I would implement this understanding-THANK YOU!”

“Thank you once again for taking time out to invest your experience and knowledge by giving this live seminar…it was great!  What I liked most is that it was encouraging, and gave me energy and excitement as to how I would implement this understanding-THANK YOU!”

“WOW!  Totally Blown Away!”

“Wow! Totally blown away.  Soooo much new information…I can’t wait for the next class! :)”
Amy E

“I got an entire new perspective…”

“I got an entire new perspective on how to teach my students.  I am so excited to go to school on Monday and try everything!”

“research and energy and ideas and strategies!!”

“I came expecting a lot of dry brain research, but I got Research AND Energy AND Ideas AND Strategies to take to my classroom!”

“Sleeping through the night since I listened to your video.”

“Just wanted to let you know I’ve been sleeping through the night since I listened to your video (3 Ways to Fall Asleep and Stay Asleep).  No more antihistamines and getting 7-8 hours sleep a night.  Thank you!!”

“I didn’t know there was so much research about how to be happy…”

“I’m happy to have learned so much that I can use for myself, my family, and my students.  I wish I had begun taking courses like this earlier in life! Michelle L

“This is my dream come true!!”

“This film is the result of what I learned at your Synchronicity workshop several years ago.  This is my dream come true!!  Thank you”

“You are an amazing presenter!”

“You are an amazing presenter!  You have a great sense of humor and presented everything in a funny and engaging way!”

“Kim is a passionate educator and consultant who has done extensive research in education.”

“Her Brain Matters courses are energizing and would benefit anyone wanting to improve their lifestyle. Her classes target educators, but I recommend Kim’s classes for any field.”
Joan R

“…Thank you for another inspiring, invigorating, packed with value class!”

“Thanks, as always, for a great learning experience and recharging me to help my students and me survive ‘school’!!!!”
Karen V

“I am enjoying this online class…”

I have taken many of your onsite classes, as well as a workshop at my school. I just want you to know that I am enjoying this (online) class. I wasn’t sure if I would like it compared to the in-person class. I like that you are speaking throughout along with the powerpoint slides. Your interaction and perspective is the strength of your classes. I also like that I can go back now and revisit some things to let it sink into this “aging” brain. The links for games and info are great too. The games are fun and at times challenging!
Susan C

“I wish my family members would take this course!”

Terry B

“I Got My Confidence Back!”

“…And learned what I CAN do instead of my limitations.”

“Just what I needed and have been talking about it to everyone…”

“Thanks for a WONDERFUL class last weekend! It was just what I needed and I have been talking about it to everyone – friends, family, roommates – since I left.
Sydney S

“I Always Enjoy Your Classes…”

“…because they help me become a better teacher, parent, person…”
Janet W

“I Think I Found Myself Again”

“My outlook on life is brighter!”

“You are the Best”

“You are the best – I am so thankful that you are you (not to sound cheesy) – I love that you love what you do and I’m so thankful that you share your research with us.”
Jules M

“I Wish My Whole Staff and Administrators Could Have Been Here…”

“…so that we could make building-wide change.”
Bethany M

“Thank You So Very Much For Opening My Mind and Pushing My Thinking!”

“200% More Than I Even Hoped For…or 300%!!”

“It is just an incredibly energetic and informative class!”

“Ideas For How to Make My Classroom a Stronger and Happier Community”

“Strategies to increase happiness in my life and my students’ lives.”

“You Are The Only Class I Look Forward To!”


“A Passionate Educator and Consultant”

“Kim is a passionate educator and consultant who has done extensive research in education. Her Gray Matters courses are energizing and would benefit anyone wanting to improve their lifestyle. Her classes target educators, bit I recommend Kim’s classes for any field.”  
Joan R

“Your Energy is Truly Contagious”

“I literally felt like what you were saying was directed at ME!…You are an amazing spirit and I feel like I become more of a better ‘Me’ in every class I take of yours.  Your energy is truly contagious and I am so honored that I get to take your classes and learn and grow from you.”

“Inspiring, Well-Paced, and Fun!”

“You practice what you preach–Inspiring, well-paced, and fun!  Thanks for everything!”

“I Got…So Much More!”

“Amazing ideas, passionate lessons, hilarious stories, fun activities, hands-on games, teaching with empathy…And how to incorporate these ideas into lessons!”  

“You Are So Amazing!”

You are so amazing!  Thank you for making me a better teacher and human.”

“You Rock!”

“Everyone should be exposed to your information!  You are fabulous!  Keep making the world a brighter place!”

“I Could See You Every Week”

“I took this class in order to improve myself, in hopes to help the students in my classroom and to move up on the payscale.  I could see you every week, you give me so much motivation!”

“I feel cheated that I did not have this”

I feel cheated that I did not have this information as a teacher/counselor until now. I think of the students I could have supported with this info and it frustrates me….. But I will start immediately I will be using movement, I will be bringing the concepts to Angevine! Thanks again- Happily, it does not hurt that much to type– just pretty much every other movement!

Lisa, Boulder Teacher

“I hung on every word”

I came expecting to do a lot of movement and get technical info about the brain. I expected to just get through it and not really enjoy it. I got… an experience where I hung on every word like I’ve never done in a class in my life and found I actually enjoyed the movement.

Student, Essentials for Learning class

“Wow! What an impact you made!”

There has never been a time in the history of this BOCES when the teachers and administrators have wanted to have a previous presenter back!  Kudos to you!!

I am also happy to send you the responses I received about the training – it was the best ever and the first time people walked away actually wanting to schedule more!  I could go on and on about all of the great things happening since your presentation!

“Kim, you ROCK!”  

This was my third class with you and I love them ALL.”

“Be BLOWN AWAY, again!”Middle school teacher