The Ten Things: A Guide to Your Brain

The Ten Things by Kim Bevill

The Ten Things

10 Chapters. 10 Topics.

About the Book

The Ten Things provides game-changing science that your life may depend on. In these pages you will find the neuroscience that supports behaviors key to excellence, academic and athletic. Imagine there are 10 things that make up the essential needs of every single one of us. No one will want to miss even one as you will need it for work, for family, for school, and for a great life!

• Quick tricks that will make your life, all your relationships and work performance better in as little as 90 seconds.

• Increase potential and energy for innovation, productivity, and happiness!

• A fast update to the most recent and most important neuroscience in a way you understand and use it intuitively.

• The strategies boost mood, initiative, creativity and hope as soon as you begin; the results suggest as much as a 40% boost to problem-solving, with intelligence and social skills, and it doesn’t cost a dime. The best part is you don’t have to work at it, the effects are unconscious.

You’ll be shocked how even one thing can change your life. Using these strategies improve productivity, happiness, and your best performance. This cutting-edge neuroscience allows anyone, at any age to see immediate results. No need to keep track of all the best for your brain, it’s packaged all in one place in this book. You’ll find a meaningful, user-friendly guide to mental health and relationships with sports, music, play, and hands-on.

Things you wouldn’t expect are magic:

• Foods for a flatter belly and better memory

• Simple movements that increase intelligence and improve social behaviors

• A few self-generated visuals and words that cause elite, athletic performance

“It’s like I had to keep reading it. The way you wrote it, it’s a gift to anyone who reads it…what a difference maker.” Claire C.

About the Author

It’s important for you to know I am not a writer. I’m a full-time researcher of experiments about the brain and I have been doing for 20 years. I am a public speaker, lecturer and adjunct University Instructor, former high school teacher, business owner and a single-Mom. People pay me to tell them what to do, which makes me a professional “bossy pants”. I have researched and designed 18 courses over the years based on what I consider to be the most pressing issues anyone with a brain needs to know. I have placed the most current research and most compelling strategies for how-to-get-to-your-best-life in one place. I don’t believe most people have the time to hunt down the underpinnings of the brain and translate it into a meaningful, user-friendly format; so, I did this for you fueled by obsessive passion! I conduct professional development for the most unruly of professionals, offer certificates and professional credit, speak at conferences and have traveled as far as Australia to do it. Finally, after 10 years of my clients, friends and family begging me to just write it down so they don’t have to listen to the research I consider “game-changing” here it goes. Should you make some changes and notice something fabulous, please report back to me to let me know.

Table of Contents

1  Sex Differences: Things you want to and should know

2  Brain Essentials for DNA and Telomeres: How we damage, and how to fix it

3  Foolproof your Memory: the secretes behind a great memory and quality of life

4  Moving is Magical: The 3 moves for intelligence, productivity and happiness

5  Work with Your Hands: It increases innovation, creativity, and mental health 

6  Relationships Predict Success: Sure tips for mental health and longevity 

7  Music Improves Mood, Health, Kindness, and Increases Intelligence 

8  Hollywood and Video Games Improve Cognition, Aging, and Pain 

9  Homework Limits Innovation, Impacts Mental Health, Puts Society at Risk

10  In the Zone and Equity: Never fail to perform at sports or tests again