Professional Credits

Each of our courses qualifies for professional credits toward your teaching licenses, for an additional fee, through the University. This fee is in addition to the tuition for the course.  For Online courses the fee will be paid directly to the University once the class is completed and homework has been submitted to Kim Bevill.  For Onsite classes you may pay at the time of the class and it will be submitted on your behalf once you submit your homework with a passing grade.

Each course has a specific number of credits designated, and varies based on the number of days of the course as well as the homework option selected. Two-day courses offer two credit options, you may select which ever you would like, and will be assigned the homework according to the credit option you select.

Once you have attended the course and submitted the homework assignments, with a passing grade, we will submit the paid funds along with your grade to the University directly. Please allow up to 4-6 weeks, you are then able to request transcripts.  WE WORK WITH MULTIPLE ASCD APPROVED UNIVERSITIES TO PROCESS ALL OF YOUR CREDIT NEEDS.  OUR UNIVERSITIES ARE ALSO APPROVED BY BOULDER AND ADAMS COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICTS.

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