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The Ten Things by Kim Bevill
The Ten Things: A Guide to Your Brain

“It’s like I had to keep reading it. The way you wrote it, it’s a gift to anyone who reads it…what a difference maker.” Claire C.

About the Book

The Ten Things provides game-changing science that your life may depend on. In these pages you will find the neuroscience that supports behaviors key to excellence, academic and athletic. Imagine there are 10 things that make up the essential needs of every single one of us. No one will want to miss even one as you will need it for work, for family, for school, and for a great life! Read More

About the Author

It’s important for you to know I am not a writer. I’m a full-time researcher of experiments about the brain and I have been doing for 20 years. I am a public speaker, lecturer and adjunct University Instructor, former high school teacher, business owner and a single-Mom. Read More

Table of Contents

1  Sex Differences: Things you want to and should know

2  Brain Essentials for DNA and Telomeres: How we damage, and how to fix it

3  Foolproof your Memory: the secretes behind a great memory and quality of life

4  Moving is Magical: The 3 moves for intelligence, productivity and happiness

5  Work with Your Hands: It increases innovation, creativity, and mental health 

6  Relationships Predict Success: Sure tips for mental health and longevity 

7  Music Improves Mood, Health, Kindness, and Increases Intelligence 

8  Hollywood and Video Games Improve Cognition, Aging, and Pain 

9  Homework Limits Innovation, Impacts Mental Health, Puts Society at Risk

10  In the Zone and Equity: Never fail to perform at sports or tests again


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