7 Amazing Things & CLD : Healing, Health, & Hope


3-Credits  |  6-Hours of Lecture + Additional Application

These 7 things show the real reasons for the underlying cultural malaise.  Learn why identifying them, like labeling emotions, increase spatial reasoning and decrease turmoil.  You’ll learn why surprising things like global warming, noise pollution and sugary drinks increase depression and suicide ideation.   

You will learn how dark improves mental health and counters effects of artificial light and devices. Powerful solutions like moves that heal (not just exercise), foods that perform like prescriptions and more that naturally build bonds between different races, watching a movie, singing a song, result in significantly more acts of kindness.

Additional Application: Examples of various strategies and activities will be provided for you to choose from.

*Please Note: University credit is an additional fee. Please be sure to contact your district for credit requirements. 

7 Amazing Things

Kim, you are single handedly changing the way we/I am running my classroom.


Step 1

Pick the class that's right for you. Each class comes with step-by-step directions.

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Follow the online directions or attend class, complete and email your reflection.

Step 3

After reflection is graded, request your transcript! Generally within 5-7 business days.