Relationships, Achievement & CLD


1-Credit Online    |    3-Credit In-Person  |  6-Hours of Lecture + Additional Application

In the push toward increasing test performance and getting our students “ready” for a test or college we’ve let up on the most important strategy in any classroom…relationships!

Conclusive research shows year after year it is NOT the instructional strategy that works but strong relationship building. Did you know that the number of people you can call (who live outside of your home) dictate your likelihood of catching a cold, and even how contagious you are when you have a cold virus. You will learn this research and leave with many methods to build relationships guaranteed to engage, motivate and prepare them for academic excellence.

Additional Application: Examples of various strategies and activities will be provided for you to choose from.

*Please Note: University credit is an additional fee. Please be sure to contact your district for credit requirements. 

Better than therapy! Your class made it fun and meaningful.

Ana G

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Pick the class that's right for you. Each class comes with step-by-step directions.

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Follow the online directions or attend class, complete and email your reflection.

Step 3

After reflection is graded, request your transcript! Generally within 5-7 business days.

Not only is this class useful for your classroom, you can use this information in al l aspects of your life!

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This class gave me a new sense of fulfillment and wellbeing.

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