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Learn what science shows are the effects of sound and types of music on brainwaves, blood flow, and learning ability! Research shows the underlying ability to “perceive” important sounds in the environment, and predicts our ability to succeed in school, work and relationships. Not only for musicians, but just listening to your favorite songs can actually change your ability to focus, process, learn, and more. The information is fascinating, and you’ll leave with strategies to use immediately! 

Learn why ALL educators should integrate music into their content for maximum comprehension, retention, and most importantly igniting passion for your lessons in the classroom.

*Please Note: University credit is an additional fee. Please be sure to contact your district for credit requirements.

I learned how to help students lower stress and preventative mental health via music! Thank you for an energizing class!

Sam A.


This re-energizes me… new ideas that I can incorporate music and how powerful it can be! I am now taking wth me a different perspective on music altogether. I have a new appreciation on how it can benefit me personally, my kids, and my students.

Susan D.

Educator & Parent

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