Happiness, Gratitude, the Brain & CLD


3-Credits  |  6-Hours of Lecture + Additional Application

Academic rigor and high-stakes testing are at the forefront of educational reform right? Imagine that Happiness and Gratitude are now a research-based route to the highest quality performance!

The results show that students with the highest levels of reported happiness score the highest on standardized test scores, report the highest levels of engagement, and have the best classroom behavior. Adults with the highest levels of reported happiness have the highest levels of job performance and productivity, the lowest rates of divorce and disease.

You’ll learn the strategies shown to INDUCE happiness, and the majority of them are writing, reading, speaking and activities all underlying our State Mandates.

Additional Application: Examples of various strategies and activities will be provided for you to choose from.

*Please Note: University credit is an additional fee. Please be sure to contact your district for credit requirements. 

Strategies to increase happiness in my life and my students’ lives.



Step 1

Pick the class that's right for you. Each class comes with step-by-step directions.

Step 2

Follow the online directions or attend class, complete and email your reflection.

Step 3

After reflection is graded, request your transcript! Generally within 5-7 business days.

I didn’t know there was so much research about how to be happy. I’m thankful to have learned so much that I can use for myself, my family, and my students/ I wish I had begun taking courses like this earlier in life!

Michelle L

Educator & Parent

Thank you, Kim! Because of this class, I feel I can help my own anxiety as well as support my daughter and husband in a more positive way.

LuAnne D

Educator & Parent

This class gave me ideas for how to make my classroom a stronger and happier community.