Fitness, the Brain & CLD


3-Credit  |  6-Hours of Lecture + Additional Application

Neuroscientists are conducting studies that show that movement results in significant gains in cognitive processing, and even slows down normal aging processes. Learn why exercise/moving are critical for optimal brain performance.

Come learn what all educators should know about physical movement and its side effects…significant gains in attention, motivation and memory.

Use these activities to engage students with attention deficits, manage discipline, motivate apathetic learners, and reinvigorate learning for everyone in the classroom.

Additional Application: Examples of various strategies and activities will be provided for you to choose from.

*Please Note: University credit is an additional fee. Please be sure to contact your district for credit requirements. 

Loved every bit! Already signed up for the next class!

Amy P


Step 1

Pick the class that's right for you. Each class comes with step-by-step directions.

Step 2

Follow the online directions or attend class, complete and email your reflection.

Step 3

After reflection is graded, request your transcript! Generally within 5-7 business days.

I was delightfully surprised and then excited as your classes are fantastic for helping bridge brain based research into a functioning classroom. I am new to to online learning and really found it effective and motivating.

Mary P


I’m an elementary PE teacher and it’s so nice to have all of this research compiled into one spot that is so supportive of integrating movement in the classroom that I can now easily share the results from many different studies on the effects of movement and the brain and how critical it is for our students’ success. 

Elementary P.E. Educator