I loved this class… lots of good things to consider with lots of application to many areas of life. 



Essentials Live: DNA, Stress, Telomeres and CLD


This class is a user-friendly guide to best-practices to boost cognition and to heal the brain. You will learn how life effects function, how to boost health, memory and learning.  The fascinating truth behind our behaviors that shrink DNA and accelerate the aging process what you can do this instant to stop the damage and regrow and what we thought was permanent. The side effects are improved attention, motivation, recall, weight loss, sleep and more. Resetting our dynamic and majestic brain feel great and intuitively integrate into any home, classroom, or workplace!

The strategies explain and alleviate effects of stress on our mind and body, improve productivity, self-reported happiness, and achievement! You’ll leave with 30 research-based behaviors shown to increase your brain’s ability to learn, be successful and improve health.  This is my FAVORITE class, if you only take one? Take this one!