Essentials for Learning and CLD Online (Undoing DNA Damage)


Essentials, DNA, and Telomeres:  How we damage & How to fix it

This class features a fundamental explanation of the most important functions in the brain: the structures involved in learning and memory, research-based methods to improve their function, and how to increase the neurotransmitters that improve attention, focus and motivation.  The methods to increase these “learning neurotransmitters” are easy to integrate into your life, work and all classrooms.

You learn strategies that help to alleviate short and long-term effects of stress on a physiological level and improve your life or work or student achievement! There are more than 30 field-tested ways to increase the neurotransmitters key for learning and improved health.  This is my FAVORITE class, if you only take one, I say make it this one!

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