Real World Projects, the Brain & CLD


3-Credit  |  6-Hours of Lecture + Additional Application

This new class will capitalize on the energy and events happening in the world today.  This interactive workshop will allow educators to design meaningful projects that captivate even the most reluctant students in all classes–even Music, Art, and PE!  Using international, regional and local events, you will have the time to design hands-on activities that inspire students to learn.  Integrate whatever content and skills you teach into real-world events using newspapers and media sources from around the globe!

Additional Application: Examples of various strategies and activities will be provided for you to choose from.

*Please Note: University credit is an additional fee. Please be sure to contact your district for credit requirements.

I really needed this reminder. Thank you.


Step 1

Pick the class that's right for you. Each class comes with step-by-step directions.

Step 2

Follow the online directions or attend class, complete and email your reflection.

Step 3

After reflection is graded, request your transcript! Generally within 5-7 business days.

Thank you for your passion and dedication to the delivery of brain-friendly teaching. I have been actively reading, practicing and listening to anything I can get my hands on for the last ten years involving brain compatible practices. To attend a convention so thoughtfully planned, involving wonderful speakers, right here in Denver was just a magnificent opportunity. Thank you, thank you!