The Ten Things: A guide to your Brain ...available now on Amazon

Book Study


1-Credit (per chapter)

This book study is designed to allow an individual to choose one topic for in-depth review and application. Each chapter is one specialized genre with emphasis on evidence from neuroscience, microbiology and is complete with reference section for further review.

Hours of Completion

1 credit requires 15 hours of application. Reading time will vary depending on the chapter. That means, if you choose the movement chapter, you count 5 hours toward your contact time and need to spend less hours addressing the questions required for coursework.

A PDF of your chapter will be provided with purchase.

Chapters to Choose From:
1. Gender: Sex Differences: Things you want to and should know
2. DNA: Brain Essentials for DNA and Telomeres: How we damage, and how we fix it
3. Memory: Foolproof your Memory: the secrets behind a great memory and quality of life
4. Play: Movement is Magical: The 3 moves for intelligence, productivity, and happiness
5. Hands-On: Work with Your Hands: It increases innovation, creativity, and mental health
6. Relationships: Relationships Predict Success: Sure tips for mental health and longevity
7. Music: Improves Mood, Health, Kindness, and Increases Intelligence
8. Gaming: Hollywood and Video Games Improve Cognition, Aging, and Pain
9. Mental Health: Homework Limits Innovation, Impacts Mental Health, Puts Society at Risk
10. Sports: In the Zone and Equity: Never fail to perform at sports or tests again