Book Study: One Credit per Chapter


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This book study is designed to allow an individual to choose one topic for in-depth review and
application. Each chapter is one specialized genre with emphasis on evidence from neuroscience,
microbiology and is complete with reference section for further review.
Hours of completion:
You choose where you apply your 15 hours.
(Two to five hours) Reading time will vary depending on the Chapter, longer chapters allow more contact
time. That means, if you chose the Movement chapter, you count 5 hours toward your contact time and
need to spend less hours addressing the questions required for the book study.
A pdf version of your chapter will be available for free download with purchase. 
Chapters to Choose From: 
1. Gender: Sex Differences: Things you want to and should know
2. DNA: Brain Essentials for DNA and Telomeres: How we damage, and how we fix it
3. Memory: Foolproof your Memory: the secrets behind a great memory and quality of life
4. Play: Movement is Magical: The 3 moves for intelligence, productivity, and happiness
5. Hands-On: Work with Your Hands: It increases innovation, creativity, and mental health
6. Relationships: Relationships Predict Success: Sure tips for mental health and longevity
7. Music: Improves Mood, Health, Kindness, and Increases Intelligence
8. Gaming: Hollywood and Video Games Improve Cognition, Aging, and Pain
9. Mental Health: Homework Limits Innovation, Impacts Mental Health, Puts Society at Risk
10. Sports: In the Zone and Equity: Never fail to perform at sports or tests again
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