Men vs. Women

Sex Differences

Book Study


1-Credit   |   Independent Book Study

Ready for this? Imagine that males have higher math scores vs women, but only in countries where there is discrimination on-the-basis-of-sex. Imagine that behaviors like walking out of a fight, misreading a look, responding to tone of voice, have the opposite effect and different meaning for a male vs a female. Their preferences for moving vs talking may explain the difference between happiness and break ups, work mysteries, and academic behavior. You will want to know at least these 7 differences. Neurology, hormones, and culture work together for the sometimes-hilarious opposites. Now you can understand what happens in her brain when faced with stereotype threat and the neurostrategies to neutralize them. Equity depends on training how motion vs talking may change our lives.

For this independent study, you will be asked to complete the reading that you have chosen (a copy of the reading will be provided with purchase), then answer a series of questions about: the content, how you’ve applied the reading, and the related outcomes you have observed in your respective field. Engagement hours must reach 15 hours or more.

University Credit is an additional fee outside of the cost of class. 

Step 1: Getting Started

Pick the class that’s right for you. Each class comes with step-by-step directions including: 1) How to watch or attend class, 2) Completing all course requirements, 3) Registering with the University of your choice, and 4) Requesting transcripts.

Step 2: Completing Class

Watch the online lectures or attend class in-person, then begin independent application. Keep a reflection and log the hours spent applying this content, then submit to us by email. 3-credit classes require 45 hours of engagement, 1 credit classes require 15 hours of engagement (including class time).

Step 3: Receiving Credit

After submitting independent application, within 5-7 days, you will receive a confirmation email that your grade has been entered with the university of your choice. You will then be able to request transcripts. Transcript delivery is generally 5-7 days and is available for expidite.

“You will learn so much about yourself and others. The information always hits on personal and professional level. Understanding how motivation impacts gender differently will help me help my students be their best.” Jennifer D.

“This class will help me to understand my students better and I will put into practice all the strategies recommended for them. Also I will put in practice with my family.” Maria L. Fontes

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