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I organized a training for all the administrators in our district. I was so nervous, hoping that they would respond well to the presentation that I could barely pay attention, after 30 minutes, I realized she had hit it out of the park.

Dave S.

Counselor, K-12 Edu.

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Your powerful presentation and so very personable instruction took the subject over the top….and DID meet and exceed my hope and prediction … by the end of the class!! You offer an extremely professional class, enhanced by energy and personality that make the topic truly come alive. You are really one amazing woman, and I am so grateful that I found you!!!

Stephanie C.

Educator, Colorado


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5 Things for Mental Health: What the experts missed
The experts in mental health have totally missed the mark. You cannot wait until there are symptoms to recognize. The only factor that matters for mental health is to protect it before it wanes. Forget everything you knew, there are 5 things in our daily lives Read More
Movement & Sanity: Learning and Recovery
Why play could be the answer. Play increases energy almost instantly, increases productivity, improves moods and behavior. This type of movement and recreational activities have a significantly greater impact on happiness than any other. Unlike organized sports, it lowers feelings of pressure to perform but “forces” Read More
Happiness & Gratitude: Recovering from Trauma
What if we could train ourselves to be happy?  Would you do it? Happy people are more productive, healthy, and active, save more money and have significantly more joy in relationships. Forty years of research on positivity has revealed a path no longer reserved for Read More
10 Things Everyone with a Brain Needs to Know
Understanding why we must perceive meaning in life at home and at work, and understanding why even an hour less of sleep, and understanding why eating food you prepare instead of food you purchased will change your life. Imagine that you knew Read More
Sex Differences: Enhance academics and behavior
Spatial reasoning and math scores vary by sex but only in countries that discriminate. Once you understand what happens in the brain when faced with stereotype threat you can use the strategies to neutralize them. Equity depends on training how words and activities can impair processing. From walking out of a fight, to reading faces, to raising Read More
Essentials for Learning: Healing your DNA
Even minor stress can change our behaviors, personality, and immune system radically. The good news is there are things you can do to lower that cortisol so can get back to your best self. I’ll show you compelling evidence that shows certain things stop and actually repair Read More

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Feedback on Training

One of the most amazing, energetic speakers I’ve ever listened to…amazing words…powerful messages!

Emily T

Thank you for your passion and enthusiasm. I truly appreciate it. It is very refreshing to learn about something so important to my teaching as well as my own children.

I am surprised how engaged I was. It’s hard for me to sit still, but you made class interesting and engaging.
Kimberly A

Most intellectually gratifying material ever.  I got light years smarter!!
Samantha H

I had a blast…I have a new way to evaluate my life. Thank you so much. I know I need to be better in lots of areas and now feel like I have a shot.

So much research based info!  Thank you for backing up what you say!
Kelsey R