Kim Bevill

Kim Bevill

Speaker & Author

I am a speaker, an author, but most importantly a teacher. I taught High School History and IB Psychology for 14 years, although I loved it, I felt a calling to understanding and improving health and wellness. This inspired me to dig for massive amounts of research on the brain and productivity; I hope anyone who is listening can use it to heal their life!

All work is an effort to drive meaningful change in education by learning what  evidence-based instructional strategies actually imply. 

If you’re looking for hope and happiness, my classes and book are for you! Be ready to think outside the box in a highly interactive live training.

Onsite is my 1st choice because I prefer to meet you and and your individual needs personally!

Thankfully, my clients consistently report feeling a new passion, purpose, and inspiration to new endeavors. I promise groundbreaking research and hands-on experiences anyone can use. 

What I hear people say overwhelms me with joy, “after the professional development everything changes” , and “when we announce you were coming back they said they can’t wait to attend!” 

If you want the research and strategies now, the book was just released! 

The Ten Things: A guide to your Brain ...available now on Amazon

Top Ten Things

10 Chapters, 10 Topics.

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I’ll continue doing Kim’s classes because they are more a therapy, release and reset than a class.

Shari G

Kim’s Classes are a must! So amazingly beneficial. I got life lessons that have proven to be invaluable. No money could be charged to gain what I learned.

Kathleen G

One of the most amazing, energetic speakers I’ve ever listened to…amazing words… powerful messages!

Emily T

This class came at a desperately needed moment in my life. I needed credit, but it ended up being an awesome class! Now I need to take more KB classes 🙂

Jason H

I’m surprised how engaged I was. It’s hard for me to sit still, but you made class interesting and engaging. 

Kimberly A.