About Kim Bevill

Speaker, Author, Adjunct Professor, MA
Kim Bevill

Kim Bevill

Speaker, Author, Adjunct Professor, MA.

I am a speaker, an author, but most importantly a teacher.

I taught High School History and IB Psychology for 14 years, although I loved it, I felt a calling to understanding and improving health and wellness.

This inspired me to dig for massive amounts of research on the brain and productivity; I hope anyone who is listening can use it to heal their life!

All work is an effort to drive meaningful change in education by learning what  evidence-based instructional strategies actually imply. 

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If you are looking for hope & happiness, my classes & book are for you!

Be ready to think outside the box in a highly interactive live training.

Onsite is my 1st choice because I prefer to meet you and and your individual needs personally!

Feedback on Training

One of the most amazing, energetic speakers I’ve ever listened to…amazing words…powerful messages!

Emily T

Thank you for your passion and enthusiasm. I truly appreciate it. It is very refreshing to learn about something so important to my teaching as well as my own children.

I am surprised how engaged I was. It’s hard for me to sit still, but you made class interesting and engaging.
Kimberly A

Most intellectually gratifying material ever.  I got light years smarter!!
Samantha H

I had a blast…I have a new way to evaluate my life. Thank you so much. I know I need to be better in lots of areas and now feel like I have a shot.

So much research based info!  Thank you for backing up what you say!
Kelsey R