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Life and DNA How We Damage it and How to Fix it

Even minor stress can change our behaviors, personality, and immune system radically. The good news is there are things you can do to lower that cortisol so can get back to your best self. Read More

Relationships Predict Success

It is the Key to Mental Health and Longevity

Our social skills are a holy grail for almost all success, interpersonal skills and respecting emotions are the key. The truth is there are reasons we like people and reasons people like us... Read More

Happiness, Gratitude, & the Brain

3-Credits: In-Person Only

What if we could train ourselves to be happy?  Would you do it? Happy people are more productive, healthy, and active, save more money and have significantly more joy in relationships. Read More

Laughter & the Brain

Increase your likeability, pain threshold, and recall

I love to laugh! Why was I surprised that funny material increased recall? Just expecting something to be funny, the minute or two anticipating increases chemicals driving attention and Read More

Learning in Motion

Why play could be the answer
3-Credits: In-Person Only

Play increases energy almost instantly, increases productivity, improves moods and behavior. This type of movement and recreational activities have a significantly greater Read More

Music & Neurology

It builds learning networks, health, even kindness

Music not only excites and electrifies, but it produces and orchestrates neural functionality. Just listening synchronizes brainwaves, the nervous system, pain tolerance, mood, and your immune system. Read More

Gender & the Brain

Males and Females are Different and It Is More than you Think

Spatial reasoning and math scores vary by sex but only in countries that discriminate. Once you understand what happens in the brain when faced with stereotype threat you can use Read More

Mental Health

The 5 Things
3-Credits: In-Person Only

The experts in mental health have totally missed the mark. You cannot wait until there are symptoms to recognize. The only factor that matters for mental health is to protect it before it wanes. Read More

Motivation & the Brain

3 things males need, and the 3 females need

If you have ever asked yourself, why do they do that--this is for you. By now you realize they are different because of your experience in your life. Understanding small differences can bring long overdue Read More

“In the Zone”

A must-have for peak performance

Some things come easily, most take effort and being the best does not always guarantee a win. The best of the best spends years training, practicing precise and technical execution to get Read More

Gold shining brain

7 Amazing Things & CLD

3-Credits: In-Person Only

These 7 things show the real reasons for the underlying cultural malaise. Learn why identifying them, like labeling emotions, increase spatial reasoning and decrease turmoil. You’ll learn Read More

Complex Moves

Therapy for cognition, trauma and even social skills
3-Credits: In-Person Only

Not all movements are equitable, the evidence shows us the more complex and challenging, the more therapeutic. While all physical activity fuels our cognition using our balance Read More


It Increases Innovation, Creativity and Mental Health

Using your hands and fingers builds the network supporting IQ, the more sophisticated and complex, the higher our intelligence.  Building and assembling and problem-solving require Read More

Willpower & the Brain


Your willpower determines everything you do, all your choices and ultimately lifetime success and failure. In a landmark experiment, children given the choice of eating one treat Read More


Ever wonder what your life could have been?
My Clients Favorite

If you work a little more than you wanted, are a little more anxious than you wanted, if your mind races, if you want to feel more content…this is for you! This is a retreat-like experience Read More

Memory & the Brain

Your habits build your memory number, like a credit score
3-Credits: In-Person Only

How do you talk about your memory; think it’s good or terrible? Which fruits and vegetables do you eat daily? How many hours of sleep, and how dark? Your habits are the behaviors dictating working memory,  Read More

Hollywood, PlayStation & the Brain

Use it to engage and maximize learning

Love them or hate them, watching movies/ playing games allow us to learn at light-speed. That means, using them as a tool in teaching is a no-brainer. Every day we see how this medium Read More

The Top Ten Things

Everyone with a Brain Needs to Know

Understanding why we must perceive meaning in life at home and at work, and understanding why even an hour less of sleep, and understanding why eating food you prepare instead of food Read More


Reduces innovation and mental health and puts society at risk

The researcher who recommends ten minutes nightly per grade never found evidence to support it. That researcher, Harris Cooper found the opposite, “there is no evidence that Read More

Fitness & the Brain

A few minutes of vigor fuels memory and the best behavior

We all possess the choice to engage in behaviors that increase fitness. Evidence shows even a single bout boosts cognition at every age and stimulates neural circuitry underlying executive Read More

Real World Projects & the Brain


Forget about using texts and traditional material to teach your content, breathe energy into your work and capitalize on real life. Use events of the world to create a relevant experience and design meaningful, Read More