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Kim Bevill is a highly respected Keynote Speaker, Conference Organizer, Staff Developer and Graduate Level Instructor. She was a High School History and IB Psychology teacher for 14 years, but eventually joined forces with educators who strive to stop the drop out phenomenon. To bring meaningful change in education, Kim has insisted on training educators on the applicable neuroscience and the instructional strategies that work for anyone with a brain! Be ready to think outside the box in a highly interactive training. Participants consistently report feeling renewed passion, purpose, and inspiration. We draw on groundbreaking research and hands-on experience to bring high performance results. These unique training opportunities help people move to the next level of efficiency, learning, health and wellness. People who have attended Kim Bevill’s Trainings around the world know this is Staff Development employees can’t wait to attend!

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“It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness”
– Charles Spurgeon –