You may need 7 Amazing Things repair pandemic damage if you say “yes” the following:

  1. If you have too much on your plate right now but can’t seem to do the little things.
  2. You are surrounded by people who have anxiety, depression, stress, short tempers and anger.
  3. You feel the lack of kindness and need to know one thing that will bring it back.
  4. If you eat more sugar than you wish, drink yummy beverages with sugar, drink a soft drink or an energy drink, then you will want to know what to eat to fix that damage. These things trigger mood swings, a drop in IQ and learning capacity, and health crisis.
  5. If you spend one additional hour sitting, notice you are restless, can’t stand on one foot when getting ready in the morning (drying with a towel, putting pants on, etc.) you need to do the 3 movements that will repair you, one is to practice walking backward).
  6. Did you watch more tv, eat more, drink more? Did you see a news report saying many are at risk for getting sick or dying? Did you see that we had fighting in our country and in the world? There are 7 strategies to neutralize the trauma of witnessing them so we can heal.
  7. If you heard about, experienced, or thought that your relationship with your significant other is less fun, you’ll love the tips about the brain differences. Starting now, find time (demand it if you have to) for even a 5 minute walk together. Watch what happens.
  8. In the last few days, you have had at least one family member who is upset (with you or another family member) over a relatively minor infraction, ie: time of dinner next week, what to bring, old issues from childhood, and so on. Relationships have taken a major hit from the stress following the pandemic. A simple behavior to improve your connection…watch a movie together (not horror, something “prosocial”). See the resource page on my site for movie suggestions.