Last Sunday, 60 Minutes interviewed the FB whistleblower.

Naturally I had to watch it only to find the ridiculous truth that time on the social platform increased chances of mental health incidence by 17%…that leaves me fuming. Click here for more

They found females spent more than 3 hours staring at the app, and if she had limited physical activity during the day ran a MUCH higher risk of serious mental health issues (Hillman et al 2018). FB is this week’s F-word.

Here is a quick solution – Get ONE more hour of sleep, counters risks for males and females, increases chance of substance recovery by 70%

Click here to learn to fall asleep

3rd…Looking at a face increases production of dopamine, a miracle and endogenous opioid. This neurochemical boosts activity in the left hemisphere, enhances all communication, written and spoken and improves mood and motivation! This increases endorphins, oxytocin, serotonin and other brain-derived chemicals of our REWARD SYSTEM!

The requirement for mental health is others… looking at a face, talking, interviewing, sharing, laughing, singing, watching a movie together, storytelling, eating and drinking, especially for dinner!

Why? Increased opioids increase pain thresholds. Saying the f-word is brings the most “relief” for subjects when compared against other swear words and made-up words.