20 Day Challenge!

I just saw a before and after of people who did 100 squats a day for 30 days…
They took photos and MEASURED THIGHS AND BUTT!
Let’s do this? For those of you who are looking for more self-discipline, this is 20 days to more Willpower and 30 days to REAL PHYSICAL CHANGES. If you are going to enroll in the class being offered June 9th and 10th, that means you’ll start class with more Willpower!
  1. Thicker neurons in the frontal cortex after 20 days
  2. Thicker muscles by class time
  3. Start getting the fitness you set as a goal every SUMMER
  4. Lose a percentage of body fat
  5. Go Paleo at the same time: vegetables, fruits and lean meat, and seeds and nuts.
  6. By the time you see me? You’re stronger, leaner and have more willpower and energy!!!
PRIZE…50% off of ANY class of your choice!
Anyone who does the contest and takes 20 to 30 short videos of you squatting or complaining about squatting, does measurements gets ONE class 50% off!!!! I would love a before and an after video or photos too!
Prizes awarded after day 30, DURING THE MOTIVATION AND GENDER class (but you don’t have to be present in that class or any class to win. Just email me links to your video and the change in your measurements …not the actual measurements).
Please remember your knee cannot come in front of the ankle, visit a GYM and ask a trainer for correct form or find a reputable source online to remind yourself about good form. I don’t want to see anyone with knee, hip, or any other sort of pain after 30 days of bad form!!!!!
**If you cannot do squats because of a physical condition, tell me a physical exercise you can do in it’s place.
Email your photos/videos to: kim@kimbevill.com