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Effects of Music on the Brain - December 4th, 2021

Music not only excites and electrifies, it produces and orchestrates neural functionality. Just listening synchronizes brainwaves, pain tolerance, mood, and your immune system. The underlying ability to “perceive” important sounds in the environment, and predicts our ability to succeed in school, work and relationships.  Accelerate learning with strategies you can use now.

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Synchronicity: Get Balance Back January 22nd, 2022

If you work a little more than you wanted, are a little more anxious than you wanted, if your mind races, if you want to feel more content…this is for you! This is a retreat-like experience that brings calm and balance at home, and at work. Even simple changes can return your power. What is the life you imagined?

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Happiness & Gratitude & CLD February 12th, 2022

What if we could train ourselves to be happy?  Would you do it? Happy people are more productive, healthy, and active, save more money and have significantly more joy in relationships. Forty years of research on positivity has revealed a path no longer reserved for the lucky. You will love what it looks like in the brain.

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Amen to the discipline to get up every day and fight the good fight!  I’m sure glad you are because your classes are so on point for what I am looking for not only in PD/Salary Credit, but they are very beneficial to me personally, so thank you!  Also, thanks for the feedback and the opportunity to reflect.  I’m so grateful to find a resource where I can truly take a class, learn from the content and make a personal and professional connection, instead of jumping through so many unnecessary steps that don’t relate to the content.  Your classes allow for a deeper reflection, which I really appreciate and is very important piece of my learning style.  

Mike A.