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October 8th

Laughter & The Brain

 I love to laugh! Why was I surprised that funny material increased recall? Just expecting something to be funny... Read More

November 19th

7 Amazing Things

These 7 things show the real reasons for the underlying cultural malaise. Learn why identifying them... Read More

December 10th

Willpower & the Brain

Your willpower determines everything you do, all your choices and ultimately lifetime success and failure. In a landmark experiment... Read More

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Mental Health

The 5 Things

The experts in mental health have totally missed the mark. You cannot wait until there are symptoms to recognize. The only factor that matters for mental health is to protect it before it wanes. Forget everything you knew, there are 5 things in our daily lives Read More

"In the Zone"

A must-have for peak performance

Some things come easily, most take effort and being the best does not always guarantee a win. The best of the best spends years training, practicing precise and technical execution to get it right when it matters. No matter how good, the win always goes to the one with the best mental game. The thrill of victory or agony of defeat comes from training Read More

Learning in Motion

Why play could be the answer

Play increases energy almost instantly, increases productivity, improves moods and behavior. This type of movement and recreational activities have a significantly greater impact on happiness than any other. Unlike organized sports, it lowers feelings of pressure to perform but “forces” Read More

Music & Neurology

It builds learning networks, health, even kindness

Music not only excites and electrifies, but it produces and orchestrates neural functionality. Just listening synchronizes brainwaves, the nervous system, pain tolerance, mood, and your immune system. Musicians have sophisticated neural networks like tracks of the railroads. It grows more mass in the brain (especially the hippocampus), boosts cognition, linguistics, Read More


3 Things Males Need & 3 Things Females Need

If you have ever asked yourself, why do they do that–this is for you. By now you realize they are different because of your experience in your life. Scientific evidence shows functional integration depending on sex drives behavior. Understanding small differences can bring Read More

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“Not a boring, traditional class…Boy was I surprised in a fabulous way.  I was refreshed from the ideas in this class. You Rock!  Thanks, Kim!”

Rebecca S.

I had a blast. I have a new way to evaluate my life. Thank you so much. I know I need to be better in lots of areas and now I feel like I have a shot.


Kim’s classes are a must! So amazingly beneficial. I got life lessons that have proven to be invaluable. No money could be charged to gain what I learned!

Kathleen G.

This class come at a desperately needed moment in my life. I needed credit, but it ended up being an awesome class! Now I need to take more

Jason H.

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Workshops for Work & Life by Kim Bevill

Speaker, Author, Staff Developer, & Graduate Level Instructor

Kim was blessed with the talent of storytelling at young age, and after honing her ability to engage reluctant audiences in high school, now conducts workshops to inspire greatness using neuroscience to empower people.

When she started speaking and training, she churned out cool strategies that inspired learning and better performance; however, her focus has changed to the training on those strategies integrated with the research on mental health and wellness.

The practices are fun, free and will spark a positive revolution immediately. Imagine what you can do with a feeling a renewed passion, purpose, and energy for the important endeavors.

Strategies for your Brain

Resources, Behavior Charts & More!

The Ten Things: A guide to your Brain ...available now on Amazon

The Ten Things by Kim Bevill

10 Chapters. 10 Topics.

Available on Amazon, Tattered Cover & your local library. 

Start Independent Book Study Today!

About the Book

The Ten Things provides game-changing science that your life may depend on. In these pages you will find the neuroscience that supports behaviors key to excellence, academic and athletic. Imagine there are 10 things that make up the essential needs of every single one of us. No one will want to miss even one as you will need it for work, for family, for school, and for a great life!

• Quick tricks that will make your life, all your relationships and work performance better in as little as 90 seconds.

• Increase potential and energy for innovation, productivity, and happiness!

• A fast update to the most recent and most important neuroscience in a way you understand and use it intuitively.

• The strategies boost mood, initiative, creativity and hope as soon as you begin; the results suggest as much as a 40% boost to problem-solving, with intelligence and social skills, and it doesn’t cost a dime. The best part is you don’t have to work at it, the effects are unconscious.

You’ll be shocked how even one thing can change your life. Using these strategies improve productivity, happiness, and your best performance. This cutting-edge neuroscience allows anyone, at any age to see immediate results. No need to keep track of all the best for your brain, it’s packaged all in one place in this book. You’ll find a meaningful, user-friendly guide to mental health and relationships with sports, music, play, and hands-on.

Things you wouldn’t expect are magic:

• Foods for a flatter belly and better memory

• Simple movements that increase intelligence and improve social behaviors

• A few self-generated visuals and words that cause elite, athletic performance

“It’s like I had to keep reading it. The way you wrote it, it’s a gift to anyone who reads it…what a difference maker.” Claire C.

Table of Contents

1  Sex Differences: Things you want to and should know

2  Brain Essentials for DNA and Telomeres: How we damage, and how to fix it

3  Foolproof your Memory: the secretes behind a great memory and quality of life

4  Moving is Magical: The 3 moves for intelligence, productivity and happiness

5  Work with Your Hands: It increases innovation, creativity, and mental health 

6  Relationships Predict Success: Sure tips for mental health and longevity 

7  Music Improves Mood, Health, Kindness, and Increases Intelligence 

8  Hollywood and Video Games Improve Cognition, Aging, and Pain 

9  Homework Limits Innovation, Impacts Mental Health, Puts Society at Risk

10  In the Zone and Equity: Never fail to perform at sports or tests again

I got laughter, strategies, positive emotions, an action plan, social bonding, and hope.

Annette M.

I can’t tell you how lucky I feel to have met you. I watched the tips on sleeping video – I hadn’t slept the past few nights. I used one of your tips and slept all night!

Diana H

Strategies for Work & Life

Learn neuroscience that will completely transform your life and brain.







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